Portrait of Julie Rémy, owner of Fleuris Studio & Blooms


I'm Julie Rémy, the owner of Fleuris Studio & Blooms, a small floral design business I created for the love of flowers. I'm obsessed with their grace, the stories they take part in and the emotions they stir. I love both cultivating them and designing them into natural and free-spirited arrangements.

As a farmer-florist, I celebrate what's in season and beyond the blooms that I carefully grow for my own work, I collaborate as much as possible with local growers to source my flowers. I am a member of the Island Flower Growers Co-op, a group of like-minded growers who came together to offer a vibrant wholesale flower market and distribution hub to local florists and floral designers.

Flowers have the power to touch our lives in deep and personal ways. By embracing them in our everyday life, we cultivate our connections with others and the natural world in a celebratory way. They are a language of emotions and beauty spoken through colours, textures, shapes, lines and even perfumes that will be personal to each and everyone of us.

The flowers we grow at the farm are sustainable and part of our crops are reserved to attract and nourish bees, hummingbirds, butterflies and many beneficial insects and wildlife. 

My work is for those who appreciate nature. I use flowers from a living garden in which no insecticides, fungicides or herbicides were used. This may lead to finding a ladybug at work or a little frog having a nap, among other creatures from the environment we live in. It is part of creating a vibrant ecosystem.

Julie works in a private studio located at Glendenning Farm on beautiful Vancouver Island and specializes in weddings, events and home decor subscriptions.