Searching for luxurious and sustainable florals in Victoria, BC?

Wow Fleuris Studio & Blooms blew us away! Julie created the most beautiful arrangements, more perfect than I ever could have dreamed. I had given her a lot of direction for what I wanted and she followed it to a T but then somehow made it even more perfect. She was a joy to work with throughout the process and then delivered something stunning. I can't even express how happy we were with the results.

- Miranda Lancaster-Moore -

I was searching for the perfect socially and environmentally responsible flowers to send as a special birthday gift for my sister in the Victoria area. I found Julie at Fleuris who not only arranges incredibly beautiful bouquets, but also grows the flowers herself at Glendenning Farm! 
It is clear that Julie loves her work and cares deeply for her flowers! I was so grateful that she could accommodate my request. My sister loved her delivery and said they were the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen!

- Ali Kenyon -

I wanted a beautiful and special bouquet for my sister. I didn't want generic flowers from a store. Not only are the flowers local and from the garden, they are perfect. I LOVE flowers and the bouquet I ordered is simply stunning!

This is not just a florist, the bouquet that was delivered was a stunning work of artistry. The flowers were fresh, the composition was unique and it gave us a lot of pleasure. If you are looking for something stunning and fresh, this is the place!