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We offer personalized floral design workshops!

We offer personalized floral design workshops!

Starting in the garden, we quickly touch on the ingredients available to us, how they grow and then move to the studio to design bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths or design an inviting tablescape with you.

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We will share an afternoon learning how to create your own sustainable garden-inspired arrangement using in-season and locally grown flowers.

We will begin in the garden, then move to the studio for a hands-on session where you will design an arrangement to take home. We will provide you with everything you need to create something unique.

Not only will you receive design tips and tricks, but you will also learn more about elegant cut flowers grown here on Vancouver Island and the importance of sustainability in floral design.

May 20, 2023
1 to 5pm

CA$295 + taxes (per participant)

May 20, 2023 Workshop INQUIRY

You have a love of flowers and wish to learn how to make a sustainable garden-inspired bouquet, arrangement, botanical creation, or simple floral table scape for your home? We'd love to create a personalized workshop for you using sustainable techniques and seasonal botanical ingredients.

Want to elevate your life with flowers?

Are you Ready to bring natural beauty to the table?

Learn to create BEAUTY in your life with SUSTAINABLE FLOWERS.

Learn to create BEAUTY in your life with SUSTAINABLE FLOWERS.

Are you looking for a creative and natural way to bring joy and beauty into your home or to offer your loved-ones?

Would you like to learn how to observe and appreciate further the beauty of local flowers and how they age gracefully. 

Are you hosting events at home regularly and wanting to make your guests feel special?

What if you just knew how to use the beautiful flowers you already grow in your garden to make your home more inviting! 





We will walk through the flowers in the garden and observe what is in season. We will pick flowers and bring them in the studio, learn how to prepare them and how to design a simple and elegant garden-inspired hand-tied bouquet.

After exploring the flowers available in the garden. We will then discuss botanical ingredients selection and techniques as we create an arrangement in the design studio.

Seasonal hand-tied bouquets

Seasonal & sustainable arrangements



Starting with a short walk in our forest, we will gather seasonal evergreens and other botanical ingredients and then move to the studio to create an uncommon Holiday wreath. All the ingredients for this wreath will be sourced from our small patch of forest and ingredients dried from our previous flower season.

Gathered Winter wreath workshops

holiday wreaths

Elevate your table by adding flowers and simple design elements. We will explore ideas on how to make your table out of the ordinary. This is best suited for making the most of what you already have at home to elevate simple gatherings with loved-ones.

Garden-inspired tablescapes


Here's HOW we can help you!

if this speaks to you

This is for you if:

You want to learn to elevate your home with local flowers

You want to design with flowers you buy at the supermarket

YOu ARE a creative who loves artistry

YOU're looking for pre-made floral recipes

you love locally grown flowers and want to do good for the environment.

It's probably not for you if...

YOU're a highly skilled floral designer 

I'm Julie, your new flower instructor.

During our time together,  you will learn with how to work with elegant garden flowers, how to observe them better and make the most of them in an artistic way.

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When are your floral design workshops?

Our workshops are personalized. We select a date together with you according to what you wish to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many participants are in the groups?

We like to keep it small. We do one-on-one workshops and groups of maximum 4 participants.

How long are the workshops?

Usually 3 to 4 hours. Morning or afternoon to allow for time in the garden and the studio.

Which flowers/botanical ingredients will we use?

All Ingredients will be sustainable, local and partly pre-selected or from our cut flower garden findings.

How often do you offer floral design workshops?

We only have time for a few workshops every season. If you are interested, make sure to book early!

How much are your workshops?

Highly personalized and intimate, our workshops start at $295 per person and vary with ingredients.

Over the course of our conversations, Julie taught me which vessels are most conducive to garden-inspired floral designs, how to use floral frogs, chicken wire pillows, and floral tape to stabilize designs.
She also taught me the names and varieties of local flowers.
And how her flower farm nourishes the environment by providing food and sanctuary to insects, bees, hummingbirds, and wildlife.

- Michelle Hardy

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Learn to design with graceful FLOWERS & BOTANICAL ingredients

Book an intimate floral design workshop

Learn to create beautiful floral designs the natural way and learn about our flower season. I can't wait to have you in the garden and the studio!

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