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Seasonal flowers on a regular basis


INDULGE on elegant, ECO-FRIENDLY bouquets or arrangements on a regular basis.

Offer yourself or a loved-one the gift of stunning blooms grown in our gardens. Bring beautiful flowers home or at work and contribute positively to the environment while you are at it. 

Bouquets and arrangements for Holidays such as Easter, Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving are very popular and booking them through your subscription is a wonderful way to cover your flower needs for the occasions.

I looked forward to my Saturday morning pick-ups with wonder and excitement!
I purchased a subscription because I was drawn to the creative floral sculptures that were wild and unruly, yet somehow delicately romantic at the same time. I would like not only to renew my subscription, but double the number of arrangements I receive. This will be a substantial financial commitment, but I’ll budget throughout the winter to prepare for this.

- Michelle Hardy

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