Love the Earth As You Love Your Valentine!

Plan a Sustainable Valentine’s and Choose a 2024 Flower Subscription or floral design workshop!

At Fleuris Studio & Blooms, we believe in celebrating love and connection every day throughout the flower season! While the cherished tradition of offering flowers on Valentine’s Day, as a symbol of love and affection, has been popular since the 19th century, we’ve made a conscious decision not to design Valentine’s Day flowers. Why, you may ask?

Because sustainability and seasonality are at the heart of everything we do. We focus on bringing elegant, garden-grown blooms into your life, and that happens when flowers are in season. There are so many other local ways to show your love with intention in the middle of February! This year, I invite you to join us in a different kind of love story – one that takes into consideration our Earth.

Choose Earth and Your Loved Ones

Your care for those you love can reflect your love for the planet.

To have access to flawless flowers in February in Victoria, most flowers sold for Valentine’s Day are grown with pesticides in energy-hungry greenhouse conditions or imported from far-flung locations where flowers naturally grow at this time of year, contributing to a large carbon footprint. Your loved one’s first reaction is usually to smell those beautiful red roses covered in chemicals! By prioritizing locally grown, regenerative seasonal flowers, you reduce your carbon footprint, support local flower growers, and contribute to a healthier environment.

Flower Season

February is a time when most flowers are naturally out of season on Vancouver Island. Instead of sourcing flowers that have been forced into bloom or grown thousands of kilometers away, we choose to celebrate the beauty of garden grown seasonal blooms. Our focus on seasonality ensures that our flowers are at their peak freshness and elegance, making them even more special for your loved ones. We choose to wait until April, when we have access to a wide range of garden blooms to work with, to create bouquets & arrangements.

How about a 2024 Flower Subscription or a floral design workshop?

Instead of giving Valentine’s Day flowers on the day, consider gifting one of our flower subscriptions to your loved ones in 2024. Our flower subscriptions are a thoughtful and sustainable way to celebrate love and connection during the flower months. Imagine receiving a beautiful bouquet or vase arrangement of elegant seasonal flowers on repeat, each delivery a reminder of your love and appreciation while making a positive impact on our environment. By supporting regenerative local flower farms, you’re investing in biodiversity and protecting natural habitats on Vancouver Island.

Or, you can gift a floral design workshop to your loved ones during the heart of the flower season. Time spent in a magical garden in full bloom learning how to create bouquets or arrangements can be inspiring and make for a very special day.

Still want to gift flowers this Valentine’s Day?

Look for locally grown dried flowers bouquets. There are stunning dried flowers you can gift loved ones!

Look for local sustainable growers who are forcing tulips and other bulbs to grow off-season so they are ready just in time for Valentine’s Day! This will involve some electricity for growing, but a whole lot less than roses and can be done without any chemicals.

And if you absolutely want red roses for Valentine’s and are willing to pay a premium, ask your florist if they can source fair-trade and organically grown flowers! Note that if they are not grown locally, they’ll be sprayed with chemicals to go across our border.