How to care for your Fleuris flowers

flower care

February 6, 2023

I wanted to share a few tips to make sure you enjoy and appreciate your flowers for as long as possible.

Hand-tied bouquet of fresh flowers in a glass vase
Fresh hand-tied spring bouquet by Fleuris Studio & Blooms

Clean vase & water

Use a clean vase filled with fresh water and make sure to change the water every few days. Fresh garden flowers like to drink, especially in a warm house. While many florists recommend trimming the stems of your flowers when changing the vase water, I recommend passing on this step with our bouquets and arrangements. We pretreat many of our flowers by searing or boiling their stems to ensure they stay fresh longer or don’t affect other flowers with their sap. By cutting the stems, you risk shortening the life of those flowers we carefully prepared stem by stem for your enjoyment.  

Keep it cool

Flowers like cool temperatures, and while many like to grow in full sun, they also remain beautiful longer in a shady area once they have been cut. Finding a place with indirect sun or shade in your house will keep them from wilting. 

Observe & edit

Fresh local cut flowers tend to move and transform in front of your eyes. Some blooms will dance to follow the light or close their petals at night. Others will get taller than their fellow companions. The best way to appreciate your flowers is to observe their grace evolving over the time you share your space with them. Just like us, they mature and every stage of their life brings a certain grace to be fully appreciated. As flowers get older, you can start removing the stems that are no longer adding grace. This will help prevent the rest of the blooms from ageing prematurely.

I hope these few tips are helpful to you!

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